About Me

September 2021 marks the beginning of my 3rd decade in teaching, and after 20 years in the profession, I’ve seen quite a lot and formulated a number of opinions and ideas.

Geography is my passion and it was a desire to share my love for the subject with others which was at the core of my vocation to teach (a vocation which stretches back to when I was 15 years of age!) Strange, given that I was (and still can be) quite a shy and reserved personality. However, I feel most at home in the classroom, interacting with the students about all the wonderful things this planet has to offer.

I’m also extremely devoted to the school I teach at and have spent my entire career there. I have no qualms about this and contrary to many people’s assumptions, I am not stagnant, neither am I too comfortable and I don’t lack ambition. However, after a period of time preparing for the role of Assistant Head (thinking that this is the natural career progression to follow), I have realised that I would not be happy as a member of a Senior Leadership Team and although I do believe I possess the relevant skills and experience, I love being in the classroom and leading a Faculty too much to let it go. Therefore, more recently, I have committed to seek opportunities to develop and extend myself in the field of Geography Education and to contribute more to the wider Geography community, which is why I’ve started this blog.

Current Roles

Head of Humanities with direct responsibility for Geography.

Teacher of every year group from 7 – 13.

Sixth form tutor.

Previous Roles

Rewards Coordinator.

Head of Citizenship.

Head of Geography.

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